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Bach Pilgrimage Series - Cantatas for Trinitytide 樂旅巴赫系列:常年期清唱劇


Concert Featuring 音樂會曲目包括    
BWV 39: Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot 祢的靈糧分給飢餓者 
BWV 99: Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan 上帝所為皆有益 
BWV 170: Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust 靈魂欣然安息

House Programme coupon 場刋
$180 / $120* 
Full time students and senior citizens aged 60 or above 全日制學生、60歲或以上高齡人士
Unallocated seating on a first-come-first-served basis 座位有限,先到先得

Seat Reservation 訂座

Pre-Concert Talk 音樂會前講座
1.10.2016 (Sat六) 1:30pm

All Saints' Cathedral, 11 Pak Po Street, 
Mongkok, Kowloon

Speaker 講座講者 
Felix Yeung 楊欣諾

Conductor 指揮
Felix Yeung 楊欣諾

Choir 合唱
Die Konzertisten

Soprano 女高音
Alison Lau 劉卓昕

Countertenor 假聲男高音
Keith Pun 潘子健

Tenor 男高音
Justin Li 李家澍

Bass 男低音
Alexander Chen 陳俊堯

Concertmaster 樂團首席
Gary Ngan 顏嘉俊

Baroque Orchestra 古樂團
Cammer Musicus

Enquiries 查詢

Supported by 資助
Hong Kong Arts Development Council 香港藝術發展局
Hop Yuen Charitable Foundation Fund 合源慈善基金

Programme is subject to change without prior notice.

Designer 設計
Hansen @ Thedo

Ever since his youth, J.S. Bach's Endzweck (ultimate goal) was to compose 'well-regulated church music to the Glory of God'. This lifelong dedication was best realised through his numerous output of church Cantatas. He wrote at least three yearly cycles of Cantatas during his time as Cantor of Leipzig. Sir John Eliot Gardiner, an expert interpreter of Bach's music, describes his Cantatas as a 'procession of gripping musical works of exceptional worth’. 

Die Konzertisten Charity Institute debuts its Bach Pilgrimage Series with some of the composer's finest Cantatas. All three of the chosen Cantatas are written for Trinitytide. Come and be dazzled by these stunningly beautiful works for their rich diversity of texture, mood and form that only Bach, in the zenith of his creative power, could manage to achieve. Cammer Musicus, our local Baroque orchestra, will be featured in all concerts of this Series, playing on period instruments.


DKCI主辦的【樂旅巴赫】系列,將以三部供常年期使用的清唱劇打響頭炮。我們誠邀各位蒞臨音樂會,欣賞巴赫傾其創意所寫的這些作品。整個【樂旅巴赫】系列的音樂會皆會由本地古樂團Cammer Musicus 使用仿古樂器伴奏。
Felix Yeung 楊欣諾

  • Recipient of Award for Young Artist (Music) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015
  • Provincial Music Director of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, Director of Music at St John’s Cathedral and Music Director of Die Konzertisten
    香港聖公會教省、聖約翰座堂及Die Konzertisten的音樂總監